Bless These Two

As most of us already know, Jen and David (ASE) became official with her making the move to be with him. We have witnessed over the last few weeks the blossoming romance, seeing their connection and their common interest of being online drunks, while ASE revelled in the glory of being an Ivlog DJ, and Jen watching on with admiration all the while she continued communication with other men from Ivlog.

We have seen some of this communication between Jen and Alex as he was more than happy to show this on a recent cast, and it was becoming obvious the cracks were beginning to show. Last night both Jen and David were casting together drunk, that doesn’t sound like it’s anything different to what they have been doing all along, but you heard the yelling and arguing not too long after entering. David proceeded to tell the viewers that Jen makes a good bed, while Jen is yelling for him to tell everyone how she’s boring.

I think it’s safe to say what once was that blossoming relationship is fast becoming a sinking ship, the alcohol, lies and deception are taking a hard knock on them both. I’d like to thank them on behalf of The People’s Blog for continuing their casting and allowing us to witness the demise as they let us view the beginning.

Bless them both for their dedication (addiction) to being open (morons) with the Ivlog community. I’m sure they will be remembered for their story.




3 thoughts on “Bless These Two

  1. How stupid is ASE? Knowing how much she drinks, he allows her move in. This isn’t shit talking it’s the damn truth and everyone knows it. We’ve seen how they interact on cam not to mention ASE’s jealousy when Jen goes into other channels trying to have fun typing in chat he’s getting pissy. That relationship won’t last too much longer with Jen moving back home.

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