The title is referring to Jenah (catfish) In a recent cast of hers I had the misfortune of listening to this self righteous bitch berate other females. She spoke of Luna, trashing how she looks and seemed fixated on her nose. She then decided to talk badly of Buckles, giving her opinion on what type of female would share their nudes online. She also spoke of Winnie Harlow, a model who has the skin condition known as Vitiligo. As you can see below, this condition has given her a unique appearance but has in no way prevented her from following her dreams. I am sure most of you will agree with me saying she’s beautiful in every sense of the word. However, our self righteous Jenah decided to refer to her as having the appearance of an “animal” and when confronted about her choice of words, she tried to say it was said in a positive way. I have no idea how calling someone an animal is positive, but Jenah will continue to lie and twist her own words to lesson the negative opinions cast upon her.

In recent times, Jenah has attacked this blog for “attacking people and their looks” hypocritical? I’d like to think it was, but according to Jenah herself, it’s not at all being a hypocrite as we do it more. Interesting way she looks at things.

Over the years, Jenah has been very vocal about people and their lifestyles. Some of you may remember her online romance with Mike. Jenah had no problem leaving her high and mighty morals at the door when she would ask and demand for gift cards from him. She made a habit of condemning him for having no job, living at home, smoking weed and being online. I always found it ironic, as she does exactly the same thing, so am I right to assume she dislikes herself? Then there was the incident another caster named Donny sent her a phone as she didn’t have one. This wasn’t at the standards she expected, so she took to Ivlog dissing him, the phone, his cleanliness and asking what type of person sends such a gift. Anyone else would have discarded it and said nothing, but no. The self righteous bitch had to attempt at belittling a kind gesture. I was also reminded of Jenah asking Mike to fuck a hooker while she watched and recorded it, and that in my opinion is so much worse than showing some nudes.

We can only hope that you get back everything you give.




11 thoughts on “Holier-Than-Thou

  1. For me personally, if this girl is going to bash anyone on looks she should at least show herself on cam in a channel and not privately to someone over skype etc. Oh the irony of this one.

    MORALS: a person’s standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do. Yet she suckered ogmike out of many things, including gift cards and never met him. I remember this one time she said for Mike to get her something, forget exactly what it was, or wouldn’t speak to him again.

  2. Jenah likes excuses (Ohhhhh, I had been drinking, so it wasn’t REALLY my fault… I wasn’t responsible.)


    Jenah likes to make non-apology apologies (Yeah I did it, but you do it to, and you do it more than meeeeeeee, and anyway, you did it first).

    One thing Jenah won’t ever do it step the fuck up.

  3. i never said i was a professional writer bitch. the fact you came in here. read it and commented is enough for me to know my amateur writing still got under your skin.
    bless you

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