Faroe is now history.

I have tried to tolerate his hapless shenanigans in the past, as I understand that he faces mental issues that limit him in many ways, but at some point enough is enough and tonight… enough.

Over the past few weeks, Faroe has been a regular visitor to my Friday night shows. Sometimes, he is content to blow up my PM inbox (and my superop’s PM inbox as well) while he remains in Do Not Disturb mode – which means there is no conversation, just a one-way avenue for him to carry on about what assholes we are. Other weekends, he will do the usual “my computer specs are blah blah honk snort blah, so fuck you” posts that we all love and cherish. This week it was the old subscribe/unsubscribe 1,050 times a minute trick that sets the new subscriber message light to flashing madly. Just to add to the evening’s message, he then came in to chat and:

Hello, my name is Faroe. How are you this evening?

So about that remark he made, “stop being 2 faced against me”… Faroe is not very bright, in addition to his various socializing disorders. It is a very common sight to see a guest enter Faroe’s chat and type something along the lines of “Faroe, (insert user name here) said you eat doo doo and dress funny.” Faroe will explode upon reading this. He launches into a tirade of profanity and literally starts to vibrate in his chair. He takes this anonymous (and patently stupid) post directly to heart and loudly declares his undying hatred of the alleged doo doo accuser and swears he shall make their crops wither and die, then sow salt upon their fields so that their offspring shall know misery for seven generations.

This happens pretty much every single time he broadcasts on Ivlog, the people who do it know Faroe is a big, bald wind-up toy with a potty mouth, and they take great delight in winding Faroe up and pointing him in any particular direction just to watch the fun. Tonight, he was pointed at me.

I have not had any interactions with Faroe, other than his less-than-pleasant visits to my show. The whole “2 face” thing would imply that I am saying something nice to his face and then talking trash about him when he is not present. Sorry, pal Faroe, but I have never said anything beyond “hello” to you, EVER. As far as talking any trash, other than discussing your various mental disorders with the staff of the Ivlog psychiatrists, you just aren’t talked about at all. You aren’t important enough to be talked about.

So tonight, after he went off in my chat, a nice person tossed me a pro account and Faroe got what he asked for. And unlike Faroe, who clears his banned list every time his meds get changed, mine is pretty much carved in stone. You’ll have to find someone else to be upset with now, but I am sure your guests will find your next target in short order.

Written by Mork –


So to begin with, those of you interested in Faroe’s bannination need to read THIS POST first, as it led directly to the events that triggered Faroe’s (hopefully permanent) vacation from Ivlog. There has been much speculation about this on other blogs; hopefully this post will put some of that to rest.

On Wednesday evening I was super-oping in an Ivlog channel and dropped the ban+ hammer on Faroe. The channel owner, a kindhearted but misled young lady, unbanned Faroe because she felt that he was just a poor, misunderstood Quasimodo of the internet, in need of love, caring, and understanding (omg, I just made myself puke a little). By way of background, Faroe was under instruction from the Ivlog staff not to have any interaction with me regardless of circumstances, and while I had not been given the same rules, I studiously avoided him and his many channels as I did not want to be in a position of being perceived as provoking him.

When Faroe returned to the above reference channel, this is what he had to say:

The Faroe speaks in a language only he understands.

So I screen-capped this pleasant post and sent it in to Ivlog Support with a brief reminder of my situation vis-à-vis Faroe. About 10 minutes later I got a response stating that the matter had been dealt with. My assumption was that he had gotten another warning and we would continue to play the Faroe Drive By Game well into the future… but then a guest came into chat and said Faroe was site-banned. This was shortly confirmed by Faroe himself, as he was on VL spewing forth great large amounts of invective towards any and all parties involved in his bannoration, excluding himself, of course.

What apparently happened (and I base this assumption on the many different versions of events as told by Faroe) is that an Ivlog site moderator told Faroe that he was being given a final warning about talking to me, and Faroe told the moderator to “Fuck Off.” Faroe’s story changes every single time he tells it, but when he gets excited and his mouth starts running at 100mph, the bit about him telling the Ivlog moderator to fuck off is mentioned consistently.

So there, dear reader, is how it went down from my point of view. Faroe was an ongoing source of friction both in my weekly shows and in any channel he could find me in. Obviously, Faroe is not a person that can be dealt with reasonably, so I took my issues to the powers that be and cited the terms of service he was in violation of and requested relief. The person who actually got Faroe banned was Faroe. All I can “lay claim” to is setting the table, the giant bald man-baby pulled up the chair and ate his own lunch.

Faroe is now on VL carrying on like an imbecile talking trash about Ivlog, Ivlog’s owner, Ivlog’s eeeeeevil rogue site moderators and little old me. During one of his tirades, the Queen of Mercury herself popped in and:

“Faroe can rant all he wants” – until Scruffy changes her mind.

Note that Patty, the notorious chat troll, who is also banned from Ivlog, was madly stirring the pot, winding Faroe up like a cheap coo-coo clock.

So that’s what happened, when it happened, why it happened, how it happened. Faroe’s a jackass, he popped off at me a couple of times too many, I escalated within the framework of the rules, and Faroe committed chat-suicide BECAUSE HE COULD NOT KEEP HIS BIG FAT MOUTH SHUT. End of story.

Written by Mork –


The title is referring to Jenah (catfish) In a recent cast of hers I had the misfortune of listening to this self righteous bitch berate other females. She spoke of Luna, trashing how she looks and seemed fixated on her nose. She then decided to talk badly of Buckles, giving her opinion on what type of female would share their nudes online. She also spoke of Winnie Harlow, a model who has the skin condition known as Vitiligo. As you can see below, this condition has given her a unique appearance but has in no way prevented her from following her dreams. I am sure most of you will agree with me saying she’s beautiful in every sense of the word. However, our self righteous Jenah decided to refer to her as having the appearance of an “animal” and when confronted about her choice of words, she tried to say it was said in a positive way. I have no idea how calling someone an animal is positive, but Jenah will continue to lie and twist her own words to lesson the negative opinions cast upon her.

In recent times, Jenah has attacked this blog for “attacking people and their looks” hypocritical? I’d like to think it was, but according to Jenah herself, it’s not at all being a hypocrite as we do it more. Interesting way she looks at things.

Over the years, Jenah has been very vocal about people and their lifestyles. Some of you may remember her online romance with Mike. Jenah had no problem leaving her high and mighty morals at the door when she would ask and demand for gift cards from him. She made a habit of condemning him for having no job, living at home, smoking weed and being online. I always found it ironic, as she does exactly the same thing, so am I right to assume she dislikes herself? Then there was the incident another caster named Donny sent her a phone as she didn’t have one. This wasn’t at the standards she expected, so she took to Ivlog dissing him, the phone, his cleanliness and asking what type of person sends such a gift. Anyone else would have discarded it and said nothing, but no. The self righteous bitch had to attempt at belittling a kind gesture. I was also reminded of Jenah asking Mike to fuck a hooker while she watched and recorded it, and that in my opinion is so much worse than showing some nudes.

We can only hope that you get back everything you give.





We have been noticing a lot of different people in our chat lately, some have been welcomed and some not so much. While we are ALL for freedom of speech, we aren’t about the constant bullying or trolling within our chat. It’s only a few people doing this, but we want it to be known this isn’t any other chat box. If that’s what people want, they know how to go to any of those. We welcome most kinds of talk, but the lame one word “insults” and the lame spamming isn’t okay. If you think that’s too much, then we suggest you move along before we remove you each time you type.



Proceed With Caution

We are all unique, we come from all walks of life, and in all shapes and sizes. Some small, large, saggy, perky, and some that have us thinking “what the fuck”

Needless to say, there’s someone or something out there for everyone. I don’t think there’s much more that needs to be said, these pictures speak for themselves.





Bless These Two

As most of us already know, Jen and David (ASE) became official with her making the move to be with him. We have witnessed over the last few weeks the blossoming romance, seeing their connection and their common interest of being online drunks, while ASE revelled in the glory of being an Ivlog DJ, and Jen watching on with admiration all the while she continued communication with other men from Ivlog.

We have seen some of this communication between Jen and Alex as he was more than happy to show this on a recent cast, and it was becoming obvious the cracks were beginning to show. Last night both Jen and David were casting together drunk, that doesn’t sound like it’s anything different to what they have been doing all along, but you heard the yelling and arguing not too long after entering. David proceeded to tell the viewers that Jen makes a good bed, while Jen is yelling for him to tell everyone how she’s boring.

I think it’s safe to say what once was that blossoming relationship is fast becoming a sinking ship, the alcohol, lies and deception are taking a hard knock on them both. I’d like to thank them on behalf of The People’s Blog for continuing their casting and allowing us to witness the demise as they let us view the beginning.

Bless them both for their dedication (addiction) to being open (morons) with the Ivlog community. I’m sure they will be remembered for their story.




We Are Back!

After some issues with people who are clueless about having fun, jokes and having a laugh, we have returned. We would like to thank everyone from The People’s Chat who have supported us before, during and hopefully continue doing so with our new “home,” we definitely couldn’t have provided all the posts without each of you. As you can see, our blog has changed to a degree, but our motto and what we believe in remains the same. We look forward to continuing this journey of fun together.

#Hypocrites get offended by the truth

#Freedom of speech does not protect you from the consequences of saying stupid shit

#Everyone is entitled to their opinion about the things they read (or watch, or listen to, or taste, or whatever). They’re also entitled to express them online. Sometimes those opinions will be ones you don’t like. Sometimes those opinions won’t be very nice. The people expressing those may be (but are not always) assholes. However, if your solution to this “problem” is to vex, annoy, threaten or harass them, you are almost certainly a bigger asshole.You may also be twelve. You are not responsible for anyone else’s actions or karma, but you are responsible for your own. So leave them alone and go about your own life